New Coach for Girls Golf Hopes to Tee Off for State This Year


Credit to Sophie Stachula

Junior Chloe Perkins prepared for her next put on the golf green.

This year the Francis Howell North Knights varsity girls golf team has a new member. Not a player, but a coach, Matt Havermale. This is Havermale’s first year coaching and teaching at North. He teaches AP Government, Psychology, and US History. He is very excited for the rest of the fall season. 

“I coached golf when I started my career and I love golf as a sport,” Havermale said. “I love to play it myself, so I’m trying to help grow the game, it’s just something that I can do to be involved in the school.”

As hard as change can be, many of the girls on the team have been very happy with this season. They were excited for the change that Havermale would hopefully, and did bring. 

“He’s taken the time to critique our swings and help us out on the course,” junior and varsity golfer Cassie Hodgkins said. 

Hodgkins has been a part of the girls’ golf team for three years and has been very satisfied with the change Havermale has brought. He wants to bring a different perspective that the girls may not have seen in the past. Even though it is Havermale’s first year coaching, he hopes that he can help in sending at least one, if not more, of the girls to state this year.   

“The biggest thing is trying to help them kind of fine-tune their swing and score just a little bit better, hopefully we can get someone to make it out of districts and into the state tournament.” Havermale said.