The Learning Commons Brings Back Coffee On Fridays This Year


Credit to Stephanie

Students gather on a Friday morning to buy hot chocolate or coffee

Coffee Fridays were a fan favorite but were shut down when Covid-19 hit. Everyone who went into quarantine school was virtual for the rest of the school year. The 2020-2021 school year started. Seating charts and social distancing restrictions were put into place. Students were told to go directly to first hour when they got to school, so coffee Fridays were not an option that year. 

“The two librarians before me have since retired, but they went to a conference about how other schools were doing coffee Fridays,” Tara Willin Media Specialist said. “They wanted kids to have almost a college-like feel and to bring kids into the learning commons as well”. 

 In the second semester of the 20221-2022 school, the librarians touched base with Lammers, the head principal that year to see if they could possibly bring back coffee Fridays the following year.

 “We couldn’t start up again when we came back because of covid and masks,” Debb McDonald, a library para said. “ We couldn’t allow people to start congregating.”  

The library serves regular coffee for 75 cents, Hot chocolate for one dollar, a Mocha for one dollar, and a seasonal coffee for two dollars that changes as the school year goes on. Students have been gathering in the learning commons early in the morning to receive their coffee.

“We love seeing the students again, it’s had a great response this year,” McDonald said.