Senior Goalies Have High Hopes For Senior Soccer Season


Credit to Pavan Kolluru

Senior Austin Bitter Kicks the Soccer Ball from the Goal Box

Two sides of a coin, Austin Bitter and Jack Stover are both seniors on FHN’s varsity soccer team, and on top of that, there are both goalies. Despite the fact they play the same position and have to fight for playing time, they are best friends. But with them being seniors and knowing it’s their last season, Stover and Bitter both want to make the most of it as a team and as friends. 

“Usually in everything we do we are right next to each other with us being goalies and we just learned,” Bitter said. “I mean I have known him since kindergarten. We’ve always been close.”

With them both being goalies they both understand how it feels to let up goals and have your team lose a game, because of this Stover and Bitter both push each other to be better and do their best. They are both hoping to make it far in districts this year. 

“I just want to make it farther than last season. Do something to be proud of. Something I won’t look back on and regret.” Stover said. 

With this being their last season, they both want to go out with a bang and try their best. With two senior goalies competing against each other on the same team they are hoping to become better players and help take the team to districts.

“It’s just one of those things you know is gonna happen eventually, eventually you’re going to stop playing the game. You just wanna go out in a bang.” Bitter said.