An Introduction to the Yearbook Staff


Pictured is the Yearbook and Photo staff during their first worknight.

Five weeks into the school year, halfway into our first deadline, 9 out of 160 spreads done. No, the yearbooks are not in, but we will keep you updated in the upcoming weeks. This year we have 23 staff members, which is more than last year. This year, our Editor-in-chief is Senior Maggie Koester. “I wanted to be a part of the publication staff and I had Mrs. Kiel for intro journalism and I really liked her, so I just wanted to be on staff with her,” said Koester. The yearbook theme is “it all starts with What If” this year. The editors chose this theme because we’re questioning the boundaries and pushing the limits and exploring new ideas this year. With us moving forward, things going back to normal, and the new building being made, from this point on it’s all what if.


We would like to shout out our Yearbook buyers of the week. These individuals have purchased their 22-23 yearbooks and were celebrated in their classes with some prizes. If you would like a chance to be featured, make sure to purchase your 22-23 yearbook.

Ashley Brennon: (not pictured)

Jonathan Kast:

Dominic Hopkins: