A Mixup at the Homecoming Game Led to Only One Homecoming King Being Announced


Credit to Photo Submitted

Homecoming Queen Sarah Korte, Homecoming Kings Ryan Murdock and Ian Pierce, and homecoming court members Ian Kelly, Riley Puhr, and Sarah Moutray pose for a photo at homecoming on Oct. 1.

Every year the winning homecoming king and queen are crowned at the homecoming football game, but this year there was a little mix up. A misunderstanding happened between the Student Council and the announcer of the football game. When announcing the winners of homecoming court there was a tie between Seniors Ian Pierce and Ryan Murdock, but only Pierce’s name was called.

“The football game was Friday night, we had two kings, we had it on the script but the announcer sort of messed up,” senior and president of Student Council Maria Aguirre said. “He was supposed to say both names but only said one.” 

The homecoming king and queen that were announced at the football game were both members of the student council, raising suspicion in the crowd since the student council runs the homecoming dance as well as holding the vote for king and queen. Many onlookers thought the win of both Pierce and senior Sarah Korte, homecoming queen, was rigged by the student council. However this was not the case.

“People didn’t know that [there were two kings] until the dance,” Aguirre said. “So between homecoming dance and homecoming game people were just talking and saying stucco rigged it so their people could win, but there was no way to rig it. [Student council sponsors] Ms. Pugh, Ms. Pirrone and I went through every single vote and person that voted to make sure they were seniors and they were FHN students.”

The mistake was fixed at the homecoming dance on Saturday night when the DJ of the night recognized all three winners. Korte, Pierce, and Murdock were recognized and crowned. The initial confusion of the situation died down and the rest of homecoming weekend went smoothly.

“I wasn’t really bummed out about losing,” Murdock said. “I mean it’s homecoming, you can’t really be too bummed out about losing because it was a fun night at the game. Either way I’m glad that I won and got that experience.”