The Varsity Football Team Ended their Season with a 4-5 Record.

The Francis Howell North football team huddle together during a game.

Credit to Ankita Pandurangi

The Francis Howell North football team huddle together during a game.

The 2022 Francis Howell North football season was the most successful season the school has seen in the last five years. The team had an overall record of 4-5 under coach Bevills new playbook and even picked up a playoff win. The season started off with the team picking up two wins in their first three games as they beat the North Point Grizzlies by a score of 21-6 and the SCH Pirates 35-0. With two wins in their first three games, the possibility of a positive season started to look like it could be a real possibility, team captain Jackson Cutlan was hopeful they could make it happen. 

“Hopefully we can get a winning record,” Cutlan said. “That would be super exciting.”

The Knights would end up going 2-4 for the rest of the season, with their losses to Troy and Timberland putting the hopes of a positive season to bed. Though they didn’t end up going positive, this season should still be viewed as a resounding success for the team. This season, they matched their combined wins over the last five seasons, beat the Central Spartans in their homecoming game for the first time since 2017, and won their first playoff game since 2016 in a dominant 58-12 win against the Riverview Garden Rams, with running back Jordan Allen excited for the team’s future.  

“The season definitely had its ups and downs, but I think it was a great season overall for building the future of football at FHN,” Allen said. “We were able to set in place a system on offense and defense that proved to work for us as well as the feeder team.”