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Nico Schuchman, a senior on the esports team, has a gaming setup at his house. The image shows Schuchman’s Steel Series Apex Pro TKL Keyboard, a Logitech G502 mouse, along with dual monitors, headphones, a microphone and speakers.

The Members of the Esports Team Balances Homework and Chores with Esports

Esports is something that requires a lot of practice and a player needs to be good at the game they’re trying to compete in. There are many areas of esports from fighting games to first person shooter games and there are many other types of games to compete in. To say it can be complicated to master is an understatement. On average, professional esports players practice six to eight hours a day which means if the esports players at North want to practice like the pros, they will need to practice on their own time. They must learn to balance their school and homework to get that done.

“It consists of playing a lot of online matches to be able to sharpen my skills and learning new characters and combos,” senior esports member Nico Schuchman said.

Unlike other sports at North who may have practice after school everyday, the esports team meets every Thursday from 2:30 – 4:00. With only meeting once a week, the players have to use their own free time to practice at home. That means they will have to balance their homework and school work while also practicing at home most of the time.

School work is something all high schoolers will have, some more than others. People who have after school activities will need to balance that with practice. Esports players are much the same. Schuchman had to learn how to balance his homework with practicing. Schuchman prioritizes homework over practicing which means that he has to use his freetime after his homework is finished to be able to practice. 

“Usually, I finish up what I have to do for school first and then I take the freetime I have to play some esports and practice,” Schuchman said.

Another thing a high school student might have is chores. An esport player might have to get chores done quicker so they can have time to be able to practice. Jackson Crone is a junior at FHN and is also a player on the esports team and he often has chores he has to do around his house. He practices about two hours a day when he is able to do so by using the free time he gets after his chores are done.

“The chores usually don’t take much time and I usually practice in between whenever I can,” Crone said.

With esports players getting only one practice a week, they need to use their own time at home to get practice in since esports takes a lot of practice to get good at. Six to eight hours of practice a day is easy for the pros but balancing that with lots of other things like homework and housework is something that the esports players at North do. • Copyright 2024 • FLEX WordPress Theme by SNOLog in

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