Cheyenne Steed’s Business, Grace Jewelry, has Been a Dream Since Childhood


Credit to Mady Brewer

On Nov.17 Cheyenne Steed works on some earrings in the studio at FHN. Steed started her career in jewelry by making it just for herself but within a couple of months she had her own spot as a vendor in local craft fairs. She enjoys the time consuming and difficult pieces most, but her best sellers are usually things like the wrapped necklaces and croc charms.

Creativity comes in many forms. For freshman Cheyenne Steed, making jewelry isn’t only a hobby, but a business. Alongside her grandmother, boyfriend and countless others, Steed spends her free time forming molds, pouring resin and selling jewelry to people. Steed’s business, Grace Jewelry, ties to important values in her life.

“Originally we wanted something to do with my religion; Christianity,” Steed said. “We took a part of my middle name, Graceland, and converted it into Grace.”

Steed’s family was not her only inspiration. Her childhood passions influenced her to begin making jewelry.

“When I was a little kid I wanted to be an artist,” Steed said. “I have always liked arts and crafts.”

Steed’s hobby not only helps her raise money but also teaches her life skills that other students may not learn in school.

“She was very shy when she first started this business,” Alfie Beckman, Steed’s grandmother, said. “She has to talk to customers a lot, she’s become more social and talks to people more. Her self-esteem has grown because of her work and how many people like it.”

Steed’s jewelry can be found in stores in downtown St. Charles, such as MoonuMental. Although, much of her revenue comes from craft fairs where she meets customers.

“Whenever I see little kids wearing my jewelry and coming to say hi to me, [it] makes me really happy,” Steed said. “Knowing I put all of that work and effort into one piece.”

Steed doesn’t create alone. Her boyfriend, sophomore Dominik Sronce, is an important part of her business, often attending craft fairs with her.
“Helping [her] gives me a lot of cool stuff [to do that] you don’t usually get to see, like the cool people,” Sronce said.

With help from her family, Steed often tries to outperform other competitors in the jewelry business to produce the best products. Steeds products include earrings, pendants, Croc charms and other accessories.

“I’ve always just had a fascination to be better than others I know and try to be as hardworking and successful as possible,” Steed said.

Steed is determined to continue her hobby and business of making jewelry. She hopes to continue her business through high school.

“Try your best, find opportunities in life and try to maneuver all of the walls that get put up,” Steed said. “It’s going to be stressful and hard, but in the end, it will be extremely satisfying.”