Kirby’s Return to Dream Land Deluxe is Set to Release on Feb. 24


Credit to Alex Wheadon

On Sept. 13, 2022 Nintendo revealed a remake of Kirby’s Return to Dream Land, a game released on the Wii in 2011, called Kirby’s Return to Dream Deluxe. This game is slated for release on Feb. 24, 2023. 

The story of this game is that one day a ship called the Lor Starcutter crash lands on Planet Popstar, being damaged in the process and losing a bunch of parts. When Kirby and company go to investigate the crash scene, they find someone named Magolor passed out inside of the ship. Upon Magolor discovering his ship is damaged, he asks for Kirby and his friends to go find the lost items and in return, he would take them to Halcandra once he gets his ship working again.

“I never played the original Return To Dream Land, so I’m excited to play it for the first time,” junior Sophia McClure said.

Kirby Return to Dream Land Deluxe has copy abilities much like the game before. There has been a new copy ability detailed in the trailer for this game which is the mecha copy ability that gives Kirby a mech suit that can shoot out some sort of projectile and an electric uppercut ability. All of the copy abilities are returning from the original game. 

“[Mecha Kirby] seems like a pretty cool ability, and it’s always fun to use cool copy abilities,” McClure said.

Something original to these games are Super Abilities, which are time limited abilities that are stronger than the abilities they are based off of. There are five that can be obtained like the Ultra Sword obtained from inhaling the Super Blade Knight or the Monster Flame obtained from the Super Hot Heads. There is also the Flare Beam obtained from a Super Waddle Doo, the Snow Bowl obtained from a Super Chilly and the Grand Hammer obtained from a Super Bonkers. All the Super Abilities are obtained from a stronger version of a normal enemy like how Bonkers is a normal enemy and Super Bonkers is a stronger version. Or how the Blade Knights gives a sword and Super Blade Knights gives the Ultra Sword.

This game is multiplayer where players can pair up with up to four friends and play together. When playing in multiplayer, players can play as Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight and Bandana Waddle Dee or a different colored Kirby. King Dedede, Meta Knight and Bandana Waddle Dee aren’t able to get any copy abilities like Kirby can. Instead they use their weapon, which is a hammer for King Dedede, a sword for Meta Knight and a spear for Bandana Waddle Dee. 

In most, if not all Kirby games, there are subgames. This one is no different with the new one being called Magolor’s Tome Tracker. From trailers, it looks like the game is played by Magolor showing the players a tome and you have to be the first to nab it. 

There are also some returning subgames like Samurai Kirby from Kirby Super Stars in which players will get told to draw their swords and they have to be the quickest to do so to beat everyone else. Other returning games are Bomb Rally from Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land, Smash Ride from Kirby: Squeak Squad and Ninja Dojo returning from Kirby Return to Dream Land.

“Definitely [most excited for] the mini games like the ninja one that was in Kirby Superstar and it’s four player now so it’ll be more fun than before,” junior Max Ramirez said.