MAC Scholars Prepares Students for Further Schooling


Credit to Lance Tow

An accomplished employee presents to MAC Scholars at their speaker series on Feb. 7 about opportunities in their future.

MAC Scholars is a program at FHN that helps students prepare for college. The program is directed towards students of color in 9th-12th grade with a 90% or higher GPA, 90% or higher attendance rate, and no ISAP or OSS during that school year. Meetings are usually on Tuesdays or Thursdays during Knight Time or after school, held in either the Cafeteria or Learning Commons depending on the event taking place. 

“We are trying to bridge the equity gap between students of color and their white counterparts while they are in high school, but also whatever it is they want to do after they graduate,” freshman English teacher and faculty sponsor for MAC Scholars, Ashley Seiss said. 

The MAC Scholars program provides students with resources to help them get into the college and career they want, such as ACT prep books, guest speakers, and college admissions panels. It focuses on empowering students through its four pillars-Leadership, Service, Scholarship, and Excellence. 

“I would say you’re going to have to put in a lot of work and make sure you attend the meetings to really get something out of it,” freshman Jasmyne Moody said. “It’ll help you a lot in the long run.”