The Last All-Knighter at FHN to be Held on June 3


Credit to Allison Bass

The Chairs of the All Knighter meet to plan for the upcoming event

The last All-Knighter held at FHN will be June 3, the night of FHN’s graduation ceremony. Students must show up at 10:30 p.m. and stay at North until 5:30 a.m. While arriving, students will check in and their bags and personal belongings will be put in a secure place. The All-Knighter is an event for the senior class and will be their last activity as a class. 

“It is a drug and alcohol-free event, you have to be an FHN senior who has registered and paid, and you have to stay the whole night,” Co-Chair Jen Scarbrough said. 

Activities throughout the night will include a hypnotist, magician, tarot card reader, etc. Throughout the night these entertainment activities will come in and stay for a set amount of time and then leave. Not only will there be entertainment in the form of various acts, but there will also be raffles where students will be given tickets to enter. There will be plenty of food provided throughout the night and students are encouraged to dress comfy and required to wear socks. 

“I know that last year there was a hypnotist and I feel like that would be really fun,” senior Laramie Horstman said. “Having fun stuff around the school to make it seem like a more fun place to end the year is really exciting.”