During the winter, Freedom took advantage of schools being on break to host their Christmas Camp for members to be able to have extra practice time while off. The Freedom front ensemble and battery had themed days such as dress like a staff member and twin day. The spirit day kept the mood playful and fun during long hours of practicing. (Photo Submitted)

Two FHN Students Join a World Class Drumline

By Addy Bradbury, Photographer
Published: January 28, 2020
(Photo by Daniel Constante / Shutterstock.com)

Controversial Netflix TV Show, Sex Education, Premieres second season

By Julia Sampolska
Published: January 16, 2020

Food Frenzy: Dunkin’ Donuts Vs. Krispy Kreme Review

By Tom Jamison and Louis Primeau
Published: October 31, 2019
Humans Of FHN Chloe Horstman

Humans Of FHN Chloe Horstman

By Francisco Jimenez
Published: October 11, 2019
Music Artists Have Changed Society

Music Artists Have Changed Society

By Grace Harding, North Star Reporter
Published: March 4, 2019
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