FHN Clubs 2018-2019

EMAIL: [email protected]  unless otherwise noted



Varsity- Bob Dunahue ([email protected])

Assistant- Mike Freedline

Sophomore- Jesse Stewart ([email protected])

Freshman- Jeremy Opfer ([email protected])


Varsity- Darrell Davis ([email protected])

Assistant- Mark Wright

Sophomore- Mike Schenck

Freshman- Mike Bevill ([email protected])


Varsity- Dawn Hahn

Assistant- Matt Watson

Jr. Varsity- Ashley Wiedner ([email protected])

Freshman- Arty Johnson ([email protected])


Head Coach- Kim Martin

Assistants- Sean Fowler, Joe Brocksmith


Head Coach- Brett Bevill ([email protected])

Assistants- Arty Johnson, Ryan Darks, Kurt Kruse, Mike Castro, Mike Bevill, Adam Maxey, Matt Couch

GOLF (Boys)- Mark Wright

GOLF (Girls)- Chris Witthaus

Assistant- OPEN


Assistant- Danielle Budde ([email protected])

Assistant- Breanna O’Brien


Varsity- Larry Scheller

Assistant- Zach Fettig

Jr. Varsity- Mark Olwig

Freshman- Randy Roy   

SOCCER (Girls)

Varsity- Mark Olwig

Assistant- OPEN

Jr Varsity- Zach Fettig

Freshman- Randy Roy


Varsity- Bob Dunahue ([email protected])

Assistant- Mike Freedline

Jr Varsity- Jeremy Opfer ([email protected])

Freshman- Jesse Stewart ([email protected])

SWIM (Boys)- Joshua Galati

Assistant- OPEN

Diving- Chris Pape

SWIM (Girls)…. Joshua Galati ([email protected])

Assistant- Chris Palladino

Diving- Chris Pape

TENNIS (Girls/Boys)- Beth Jameson ([email protected])

Assistant- Jean Varker

TRACK (Boys/Girls)- Kim Martin

Assistants- Mike Castro, Joe Brocksmith,Will Scherff, Nell Plummer, Reed Lunsford, Arty Johnson, Jasmine Boyer


Varsity- Robin Yuede

Assistant- Michelle Oppenborn

Jr. Varsity- Hannah Laws

Freshman- Kent Stover


Varsity- Kent Stover

Assistant- Mark Johnson

Jr. Varsity- OPEN

Freshman- Hannah Laws


Varsity- Chris Brown

Assistant- Sean Fowler

Jr. Varsity- Kurt Kruse

Freshman- Matt Howard


Head Coach- Tracy Wuertenberg

Assistant- Julianna Hayes

Jr. Varsity- Katie Emerson  ([email protected])


Head Coach- Tammy Rokita ([email protected])

Assistant- Elizabeth Telge ([email protected])

Jr. Varsity- Alicia Pavia     


BAND (Marching/Jazz/Winter/Guard)- Rob Stegeman

Assistant- Matt Banks

Assistant- Joe Sparks

Colorguard/Winterguard- John Miller ([email protected])      

Gateway Drumline- Derek Kelly

CHOIR/Vocal Music- Jennifer Crane

African American Leaders- Mary Kerr-Grant, Lisa Woodrum

Anime Manga Fan Club- OPEN

Art Club- OPEN

Class Officers:

Senior Class Rep- Kristen Jobgen

Junior Class Rep- Marissa Heyer

Sophomore Class Rep- N/A

Freshman Class Rep- N/A

Computer Science Club- Mike Freedline

Cultural Awareness- OPEN

DECA- An Association of Marketing Students- Melissa Hanrahan, Mike Freedline      

Drama- Kim Sulzner

Assistant- OPEN

Ecology Club- Joe Brocksmith

Fashion Club- Marissa Heyer

FBLA – Future Business Leaders of America- Mim Eaton

FCCLA -Family, Career, Community Leaders of America- Marissa Heyer

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)- Sarah White

French Club- Dave Fritz

Future Problem Solving- Jon Travis

Garden Club- Yvonne Kehoe

Gay-Straight Alliance- Amy Field

German Club- Anne McPartland

HOSA (Future Health Professionals)- OPEN

Journalism- Aaron Manfull

Assistant- Jordyn Kiel

Knight Life- Aaron Manfull

Knights of Excellence- Lindsey Scheller, Kristen Johnson

Knowledge Master- Jon Travis

Mentors- Kristen Johnson

Mock Trials- Randy Pierce ([email protected])

Model U.N- Mike Parker

Mu Alpha Theta- Patty Bartell

National Honor Society

Junior- Donna Malkmus  

Senior/Soph- Angie Mason

Newspaper- Aaron Manfull

Pep Club (Norm the Knight)- Jani Wilkens, Shelly Parks

Recycling Club- Yvonne Kehoe

Robotics- Ricky Reeves/Dane Williamson

Scholar Quiz- Chris Witthaus

Science Club- Donna Malkmus

Sign Language- Tom Skinner

Spanish Club- Brian Santos

Speech & Debate- Randy Pierce ([email protected])

Assistant- OPEN

Sports Management Team- OPEN

Student Council- Jani Wilkens, Shelly Parks

Teens Advocating Smart Choices (T.A.S.C.)- OPEN

Technology Student Assoc (T.S.A.)- Michael Green

Vegetarian Club- Yvonne Kehoe

Volunteer Knights- OPEN

We Are All Knights- Lisa Pentecost

Yearbook- Jordyn Kiel

Young Democrats- Kim Coil

Young Republicans- Chip Crow