FHNAllNight Recap: Tom Jamison and Louis Primeau Host the Second Half of the FHNAllDay 24 Hour Podcast

Published: March 26, 2020

Tom Jamison and Louis Primeau Host the Second Half of the FHNAllDay 24 Hour Podcast. Together, they interview numerous people from ...

AZ Analysis: Fake News

Published: March 3, 2020

In this episode, AZ addresses the evergrowing issue of fake news. Sources: - https://www.ifla.org/files/assets/hq/topics/info-society/images/how_to_spot_fake_news.pdf https://www.summer.harvard.edu/inside-summer/4-tips-spotting-fake-news-story Intro video was done by Reid Pierson ...

Food Frenzy: Valentines Day Special

Published: February 13, 2020

In this episode of Food Frenzy Tom Jamison and Louis Primeau test out various foods dipped in milk chocolate to see what you s...

AZ’s Analysis:What is the Coronavirus?

Published: February 4, 2020

Although much is not known about the Coronavirus. AZ gives a super brief insight into the virus.

AZ’s Analysis: Tensions With Iran ??

Published: January 21, 2020

In this episode, AZ gives a very general overview of our current situation with Iran.

Food Frenzy: Chick-Fil-A vs Popeyes

Published: December 12, 2019

In this video Tom Jamison and Louis Primeau compare classic chicken sandwiches from Chick-Fil-A and Popeyes. The two hope to fi...

AZ’s Analysis : Confederate Flag

Published: December 3, 2019

The thoughts and ideas of AZ Anderson are solely his own. On this week's episode, he reflects on the controversial issue surr...

Humans OF FHN | Bryana Meitz

Published: December 3, 2019

After sharing her art at a local coffee shop, Bryana Meitz tells us her story and the meaning of her art. From covering what inspires...

Saturday, Oct. 26: National Pumpkin Day.

This holiday was made to celebrate the squash that is such a big part of Halloween. Fun Fact: Pumpkins are actually fruits.

Oct. 26 – Nov. 1 National Holidays

Published: October 27, 2019

AZ’s Analysis: Opioid Crisis

Published: October 22, 2019

This week AZ discusses the opioid crisis. SAMHSA’s National Helpline, 1-800-662-HELP (4357)

AZ’s Analysis: How Does Universal Healthcare Affect The People?

Published: October 8, 2019

AZ goes more in-depth on universal healthcare specifically the affect on people.

The Spirit of FHN – Outfit Edition

Published: October 8, 2019

In preparation for Homecoming, the StuCo Representatives from FHN chose themes for each day leading up to the Homecoming football...