The FHN administration team consists of eight people. All with different responsibilities, but equally important.

The Role the FHN Administration Team Plays in the School Community

By Hunter Turpin, Videographer
Published: April 12, 2019
Coach Bevill calls Esports team to meet to discuss future plans about what the team will be doing. This is a new sport that involves video games that will be played competitively featuring League of Legends and Overwatch. The team meets weekly and talks about what they will be playing.

FHN Adds A New Gaming Team Featuring Gaming Consoles and Electronic Competition

By Chloe Horstman, North Star Reporter
Published: February 22, 2019
FHHS and FHN have built a strong rivalry since FHN was established in 1987, despite  varying results in multiple sports

FHN and FHHS have Built a Rivalry over the Years

By Joel Boenitz, FHNGameday.com editor
Published: February 20, 2019
StuCo Vice President Juan Alega and StuCo Brendan Gannon discuss items in the new StuCo sponsored spirit store, The Armory. This store will open on Jan. 29, after almost a year of planning.

FHN StuCo to Open New Spirit Store in the Commons on Jan. 29

By Lexi Davis, Aaliyah Woodby, and Ethan Winchester
Published: January 28, 2019
Seniors Josh Simmons, Dillon Lauer, Noe Bustos and Adam Shine link arms and sway side to side to get the crowd to cheer along with them during the first girls’ varsity basketball game on Dec. 7. The Goonies began holding meetings this year to help increase attendance and spirit at winter sports games.

The Goonies Work Together to Help Spread School Spirit

By Michael Zull, North Star Reporter
Published: January 22, 2019
Freshman Logan Schelfaut stands on the diving board as he prepares to dive into the water.

Freshman Logan Schelfaut Wins his First State Championship in Diving

By Joel Boenitz, FHNgameday.com Editor
Published: November 9, 2018
9. The School Lockdown Drill Needs to be Updated

9. The School Lockdown Drill Needs to be Updated

By McKayla Bogda
Published: May 14, 2018
Students pass the trash cans that sit near the butterfly hallway. The hallway is notorious for constantly having trash cans sitting out to catch the water from the leaks. Leaks have been less frequent since the skylights in the butterfly hallway were removed.

FHN Combats Water Infiltration Problems

By Noah Slaughter, North Star Managing Editor
Published: March 8, 2018
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