AT&T Broadband Caps

AT&T Broadband Caps

Published: May 4, 2011

Starting Monday, the 2nd of May, AT&T will be imposing data caps on the amount of data its users can use. That is 150 Gb for DSL users and 250 Gb for Uverse subscribers. This is just ...

SETI gets powered down

SETI gets powered down

Published: April 27, 2011

The SETI, Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence, telescopes have been powered down this week after they discovered that they are flat broke. This, to me at least, is extremely disappoi...

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs

Published: April 15, 2011

Steve Jobs, the founder and current CEO of Apple, recently approved an official biography about his life. As people who know who Steve Jobs is, this will not come as a huge surprise. He...

Dismukes' opinion on Mozilla Firefox 4

Dismukes’ opinion on Mozilla Firefox 4

Published: April 3, 2011

After a short break from blog writing I am returning to write about the newest version of the Firefox web browser. Opening up...

Apple’s March 2 Event

Published: March 1, 2011

Recently there have been rumors about Apple having a special event on March 2. This event has been said to be the introduction of Apple's latest product, the iPad 2. Well these rumors have been confirmed to be true based on Apple sending out invitations to said event. The iPad 2 supposedly will have 2 cameras, so that you can now use Skype and Fa...

Technology and the First Amendment

Published: February 21, 2011

Because of it being scholastic journalism week, I am dedicating my blog to the first amendment and how it is manifested in techn...

Wolfram Alpha

Published: February 14, 2011

Recently I was introduced to a website called Wolfram Alpha. This website is awesome. You can search almost any problem or subj...

World’s fastest hands-free typist

Published: February 8, 2011

Turns out that like most things that are ridiculous there is a world record for fastest hands-free typing and the record is set by a quadriplegic. This man, Hank Torres, is paralyzed from the waist down; however, that did not stop him. With computer assistive technology like SWYPE on-screen keyboard and a pointer he wields from his mouth. He failed on his...

Essential iPhone Apps-Part 1

Published: January 24, 2011

For music I find Pandora to be indispensable. This is probably my most used app of all; it completely replaces my car radio. It...

OS X Lion

Published: October 26, 2010

Last week on 10/20/10 Apple released information about several new products and about their new version of OS X, OS X Lion. Or...

Technology- Facebook

Published: October 19, 2010

Facebook is something that has become an integral part of the lives of millions of people today, so much so that they recently rele...

Technology- Windows phone 7

Published: October 13, 2010

Today Microsoft unveiled the next big operating system for phones, the Windows Phone 7. It was announced today that on the week of November 8th stores will start selling phones with this operating system. Including a few new HTC phones. This new operating system comes packed with many games and apps that are available to users of the iOS. Although,...