Cyber-bullying Panel comes to North

As technology is advancing, so is it’s use as a weapon. Cyber-bullying is becoming more and more apparent in today’s society, athough most people know about its occurrences, few know how to handle a situation if they ever came across it.

On Oct. 26 a panel was constructed to inform parents from three different high schools about cyber-bullying.

“ The Francis Howell School District attorney, Cindy Reed, Mr. Ameis, Tony Stewart from the cyber-bullying unit in St. Charles, a parent, Carol Dotedtmann, and senior Cara Custer and a few others were a part of the panel,” counselor Ms. Barker said.

Cyber-bullying usually targets high school students, and it can sometimes be fatal. Not many students have been directly affected but everyone has heard a story about a bad bullying situation.

“I’ve never been affected by [cyber-bullying] directly but if I was I’m not sure what I would do,” senior Charlotte Johnston said.

Many people don’t know who to contact to get help if they or a friend are the victim of cyber-bullying. Schools are becoming more and more active in educating parents and students.

“I think it’s important because parents need to know how to handle a cyber-bullying situation,” Ms. Barker said.

By Emily Wilkins