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Indie Band “fun.” Lives Up To Their Name On New Album

This week, Indie Pop band Fun (often stylized as “fun.”) released their sophomore effort, Some Nights. You may have heard their single “We Are Young” in one of several commercials, most likely the one for Chevy’s Sonic, which was aired during the Super Bowl. The album presents an interesting sound, one that is familiar, yet, fresh.

“Some Nights (Intro)” begins the album. This song makes it easy for the listener to identify the band’s influences right off the bat. The harmonies and general vocal sound are definite callbacks to Freddy Mercury, frontman of Queen. The lyrics about going insane, and the musical theater style are pretty reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. Now, it could just be coincidence, but it’s really hard to deny that this song is taken from those classic bands.

“We Are Young” is the big single from the album, it has a big and memorable chorus that can be lip-synced to in the car by teenage girls, and relevant lyrics. It’s about being young, going out and partying. This just makes me think that’s a manufactured pop song that was intended to be a radio smash since before it was even written. As a whole, unoriginal, and a disappointing glimpse of the commercial pop world.

“Carry On” has also been released as a single. It’s a perfect bar song. Swinging beats and a harmonized chorus make it so. The guitar solo is again, a throwback to Queen, but this time, guitarist Brian May. The solo of this song almost completely mimics the classic sound of May’s guitar solos from all the most legendary Queen songs.

So I guess it would be hard to say I didn’t like the album, it just had a few downfalls. For example, gratuitous auto tune, unoriginal sound, and only-for-the-money pop songs. However, the album is indeed “fun.” and pretty enjoyable here and there. I would say, check this album out. It gets a three out of five.

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