Job of the Month: Rayna Jacobs Works at Chuck E. Cheese

By Maddie Hiatt

The sweaty, smelly costume of the big cheese encloses her body as she begins her shift. When kids see her, they swarm. But this doesn’t bother her.

“I really needed a job,” Junior Rayna Jacobs said. “When they told me I got it, I was so happy.”

Rayna first found out about this job through Facebook. She applied immediately and was quickly hired. According to Rayna’s manager, Mark Ruhr, she is a hard worker and has a type A personality. Former co-worker, senior Christian Lopez enjoyed working with Rayna.

“Rayna is a hard worker,” Lopez said. “We always have a blast when we work together.”

Besides working parties, cleaning and delivering pizzas to customers, employees also dress up as Chuck E. Cheese. Rayna finds the costume hard to see out of since it only has two eye holes and a mouth.

“When I’m in Chuck E., I don’t turn around if someone is calling me from behind because it’s hot and I just want to get out of it,” Rayna said.