The Movie “2012” Sparks Ideas

By Brenda Alvarado

Hurricanes. Tornadoes. Earthquakes. Some see them as exciting additions to their days while others think of them as an annoyance that disrupts their day. In 2012, it is believed that these exciting disruptions will cause an end to Earth all together.

“I think the world could end by natural disasters,” sophomore Madison Kelly said. “Especially tornadoes, floods, icing of the flood or all three at once.”

The movie “2012” depicts the end of the world by catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis, followed by a polar shift in the Earth’s core. In the movie, New York becomes flooded in October, causing the start of the end of the world. Ironically, Hurricane Sandy mirrored the events in the movie this October.

“I think that tornadoes, earthquakes, volcanos erupting and other natural disasters at once could destroy buildings and kill many people,” sophomore Elizabeth Scanlon said

KSDK Meteorologist Bree Smith theorizes that the end would be caused by a series of events. Earth’s weather is caused by a surplus of heat at the equator moving to the polls called the oceanic circulation. For the world to end, the oceanic circulation would have to stop transferring adequate heat. This would decrease the amount of oxygen in the ocean. It would affect the marine life and, in turn, humanity.

“People are concerned with storms increasing,” Smith said “We don’t know exactly what’s going to happen.