St. Louis Classic Cheerleading Competition [Recap]

By Alexis Tainter

Varisty cheerleaders perform at the St. Louis Classic cheer competition on Jan. 13.
Varsity cheerleaders perform at the St. Louis Classic cheer competition on Jan. 13.

On Sunday Jan. 7, the Freshman, JV, and Varsity cheerleading squads participated in the St. Louis Classic at the St. Charles Family Arena. All 3 teams were in different divisions, but all placed. Freshman received 1st in the intermediate JV/Freshman division, Jv received 1st in the advanced JV/Freshman division, and Varsity placed 3rd in the advanced Varsity division.

“It was a high average competition for our area,” JV Coach Erica Gittemeier said. “The girls did a great job. They really put in a lot of time.”

They dedicated many practices to prepare for this annual competition. Each team was judged on motions, facials, voices, jumps, tumbling and stunts.

“We worked really hard and put all our effort into our routine so it could be as perfect as possible,” JV Cheerleader Tabitha Castor said.

The most nerve wracking part of the competition was awaiting the results. More than 20 teams competed and each one wanted to go home with a trophy.

“I think everyone was nervous because it was a more difficult competition,” Gittemeier said.

The competition may have caused some stress and required hard work but the girls still manage to have fun while getting the job done.

“It was really rowdy,” Castor said. “Everyone was just having a good time.”

This was the last big competition and performance of the season. In the next month or so,, the cheerleaders focus will move to tryouts for the upcoming 2013-14 season.

“I hope the girls can take the feedback we got to keep improving and help them out for tryouts,” Gittemeier said.