Prom Tickets Go On Sale

By Rebecca Dorsey

This year’s Prom invitations designed by Class Delegates.

This year Prom is on Saturday, April 20 at the St. Charles Convention Center. Early bird Prom tickets will be sold Feb. 11-15 for $50 before and after school in Room eight and during all lunches.

“Prom tickets go on sale this early so students can save money,” Junior Caitlyn Gardner, President of Class Delegates, said. “Also, it gives us a baseline of how many people are gonna be there in order for us to fundraise for Prom activities.”

Class Delegates is the club that organizes and plans Prom. According to the Class Delegates, tickets will also be sold March 4-8 for $60 and April 2-5 for $70. It is mandatory that fines are paid in order for students to buy tickets.

There are many differences between this year’s Prom and last year’s. There is going to be a different DJ and different food options. Also, there is going to be a new theme. The theme of last year’s Prom was “Starry Night.” This year the theme is “An Unforgettable Night in Vegas.”

“I think the students will be really excited. It’s a fun theme and I think they will enjoy it,”  Marissa Cohen, sponsor of Class Delegates, said.

Students voted on the theme during lunches. There was a tie between “An Unforgettable Night” and “A Night in Vegas.” This created “An Unforgettable Night in Vegas.”

“I like the theme it has a lot of different decorations and activities you can incorporate with it,” Gardner said.

Whether it’s buying a ticket or picking out a Prom dress, many students have started to plan for Prom. A lot of kids are looking forward to this event. This day can be a big deal for certain individuals.

“I’m looking forward to having fun with my friends and looking pretty,” junior Donetta Gardner said.

Class Delegates has put a lot of effort into making this day a day to remember. They have been planning since the first quarter of the school year.

“I’m excited to see how our decorations turn out and to see all of our hard work and planning in person,” junior Adriana Condren, one of the Class Officers, said.