Law Considered Where Teachers Would Carry Guns

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Teachers could potentially have guns in their classrooms as a part of a hypothetical school’s safety policy. The North Star Editorial Board wants know if students would be open to a policy such as this.

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RScreen-Shot-2013-04-16-at-2.08egarding a possible policy allowing teachers to carry guns, some teachers feel the District wouldn’t pass a policy. Math teacher Steve Willott points out that it would add more responsibility for teachers to become a ‘personal defender’ on top of having to remember everyday items, like keys. He’d also be against carrying a gun if it was required. Similarly, social studies teacher Sean Fowler believes carrying guns would create a false solution. If it was implemented, he’d recommend a climate survey to see how safe kids feel.

“School safety here at North is not a concern of mine,” senior Jeremy Warden said. “I have not once in four years felt threatened in any way, shape or form. I feel teachers carrying guns at this school would be completely unnecessary based upon the past but would be a good way of making sure to continue our safety.”

On the other side of the spectrum, teachers who are familiar with guns, have a different point of view. While science teacher Joe Brocksmith has seen from the recent shootings that even the safest of schools will have problems, he feels FHN has a relatively safe environment compared to other schools. If it did come down to a gun policy being passed, he would carry a gun. As long as teachers had special training, junior Brett Magilligan would feel safe with teachers having guns.

“I feel school safety is very poor in schools such as ours with one resource officer,” Magilligan said. “Even worse in colleges that are gun-free zones. In high school, I believe some teachers should be able to go through some type of training to be able to be concealed carriers.”