“Office” TV Review

By Daniel Bodden

The final episode of “The Office” will air tomorrow, ending its nine season run. Although I’m excited to see where these characters end up, it’s been tough to make it through this season. Honestly, it’s been tough to make it through almost every episode since Michael Scott (Steve Carell) left in season seven.

This show used to be creative, hilarious, and appealing, but this season feels drawn out, and not funny. Storylines like a paper airplane contest or Andy pursuing fame left me wanting to change the channel out of boredom. The show got by last season with others scrambling to fill the hole left by Michael, but they really seem to have run out of ideas.

The way the writers have tried to keep viewers entertained has been by relying on nostalgia and bringing up old storylines again to tug on viewers’ emotions. This has caused some great moments, but they are few and far between. Messing with relationships and rekindling old ones hasn’t been exciting either since viewers can be fairly certain that the characters will end up happy and with the ‘right’ person in the end.

Tune in to NBC tomorrow at 9/8c if you want to get some closure, but be glad this show won’t drag on for another season.