Last Day for Senior Pictures

By Sarai Esparza

Over the summer Seniors had the opportunity to meet with Prestige Portraits and set up appointment for their Senior pictures. While most seniors got their pictures taken already, there are still some students that have yet to get them taken. With the deadline being Monday, some seniors have left it to the last minute.

“I think it’s stupid; I think they should get it done fast,” senior Kayla Schreiper said.

Although most people get senior photos taken through the school, there are some students who have gone other places to get theirs done so they don’t have to stress about getting them done before Monday.

“I can pretty much take mine whenever since my mom is doing mine,” senior Tiffany Metts said.

For those that still have to get their picture taken, they should already have an appointment set up for this weekend and prepare to get their pictures taken.

“I feel kinda nervous, I guess, I don’t really like getting my pictures taken,” senior Victoria Scott said.

For the seniors who have already gotten their pictures taken, they have nothing to worry beside getting the prints in the mail.

“They were really good. I’ve never gotten professional pictures before and they were really friendly and did a good job,”  senior Brittany Thomson said.