Finals Kick-Off This Week

By Elisabeth Condon

This is third year that students will have the option to arrive at school at 8:20 A.M. for their half-day finals. However, students will be required to go to homeroom until finals start if they arrive to school any time between 7:20 a.m. and 8:20 a.m., unless they have a pass from a specific teacher. If students decide to take advantage of the optional time to get help, they must first sign in with their homeroom teacher before going to another teacher’s classroom. Students and homeroom teachers are to follow the same pass policy used during regular homeroom Wednesdays.

Students learn proper testing techniques. (file photo)
Students learn proper testing techniques that can be used during finals. (file photo)

Busses will be picking students up at the normal time, so if students wish to arrive to school by 8:20, they must get a ride from a parent or friend. If students arrive to school after 8:20 on Thursday and Friday, they will not be allowed to take their exam and will need to come back to school to take a makeup exam during one of the three available times.

The 2010-2011 school year was the last year FHN required all students to arrive to school at 7:20 on both half days and began both half day exams with a 25-minute study period. When FHN changed to pushing exam start times back one hour and requiring students without passes who arrived late to wait in the commons or lobby caused a lot of commotion due to the crowded environment.

“I feel like starting out with homeroom rather than sitting in the commons is a good idea because it’s less crowded and you can still get the additional help if needed,” senior Stacy McGee said.

Some students utilize the extra time to get more help from their teachers with preparing for their finals, but others choose to use their time differently.

“I’m studying from the review guides my teachers have given me, and going over the major tests from the semester to find concepts I didn’t understand to make sure I get them before the final,” sophomore Nicole Morse said. “I’m planning on taking advantage of IHOP during the optional homerooms on the half days.”