Math Department Holds Daytime Tutoring Sessions

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As the semester ends, final exams start creeping up. For some students this means late night cram sessions and for others, this means getting help from teachers. Before finals

A student works on math with a tutor. Math tutoring is available in all hours. (Areli Lara)


start, many teachers are tutoring students to help prepare for these major tests. Math teachers have set up tutoring sessions in the mornings from 6:25 a.m.-7:20 a.m. and after school till 3:30 p.m., except on Wednesdays. Starting Dec. 12-18, math tutoring is having daytime tutoring during classes before finals.

“I believe it’ll be very helpful for students to get them more prepared,” math teacher Patricia Bartell said.

This daytime tutoring is to get more help to students that don’t have the time to stay after school or go early in the morning. To go to these sessions, students will need to get permission and a pass from the teacher of that period and take the pass to the classroom the tutor is in during that period. All the periods and classroom numbers are posted in the math classrooms, in the online announcements, in the guidance office, and on flyers around the school.

“It’s only useful if you have a good grade and have your stuff done in that class,” math teacher Greg Brown said.

Daytime tutoring is not just for preparing for the math final, it also helps students with their math homework especially if they’re falling behind or if they need extra help understanding it.

“Math tutoring helps me on difficult problems that are not explained in class,” sophomore David Schmidt said.

With this tutoring system, students can find a better way to help prepare for their math final or homework. Some students may not want to do this, but it’s open for anyone to get help.

“Everyone messes up, even I mess up,” senior Jagjot Kainth said. “Thats where math tutoring comes in to help.”