Thrasher Skateboard Magazine Review

Thrasher Skateboard Magazine Review

280first_look24622Thrasher Skateboard Magazine has been around since January 1981, and is still going strong today. Releasing a new magazine every month, it offers photos, feature stories, and many other skateboard-related things. The December issue of the magazine features interviews from Habitat team riders, a recap on a skate trip to South Africa, a photo feature on new AM’s and pros, and an interview from the band Power Trip.

Habitat Skateboards has a new video coming out this winter, and Dan Zaslavsky from the magazine wanted to get their thoughts on it.

In November, Mike Anderson, Silas, and David Broach were flown out to South Africa for a skate trip. After the 32-hour flight they landed in Cape Town a week before a few demos they were doing. The trip was a big success, meeting new people, skating new spots, and most of all, having fun.

This months photo feature has many very cool pictures of skaters such as John Motta,Lance Mountain, and Luan Oliveira. The photos are almost mind blowing because of how big of gaps and stairs people are doing and how much skateboarding has advanced. Luan Oliveira, one of the best skateboarders right now, did a trick no one thought was even possible, a nollie hardflip noseslide nollie hardflip out.

Power Trip, a band from Texas, recently released two new albums, and have been blowing up lately in the world of skateboarding. Jordan Joseffer from the magazine wanted to know their thoughts on the new albums and the band in general. Riley Gale from the band says the albums are doing really well, and that they have been getting bigger since they released them.