Changes Made to Spirit Week

By Elisabeth Condon

Monday Jan. 27 marks the beginning of Snowcoming Spirit Week. This year, StuCo has decided to make the week a competition between classes. Every morning, first hour teachers will tally the number of students from each grade level who are participating in each spirit day. Teachers will place the tallies in a decorated box that will be outside room 133. At the end of each day, StuCo will total each grade level’s participation and will announce the winner the next morning.

Senior cheers for the graduating class of 2014. (file photo)
Senior cheers for the graduating class of 2014 (file photo).

Monday will be Neon Day. Students are encouraged to wear as many bright colors as possible to get in the mood for Saturday’s Neon Knights dance. Face paint is not allowed, and normal dress-code rules still apply.

Tuesday is Student/Teacher Swap Day. Students can dress as their favorite teachers or wear stereotypical teacher clothing. Faculty can create a blast from the past by dressing like they did in high school.

Wednesday will be the culmination of the Spirit Week competition with each grade level dressing up for a certain holiday. Freshmen will represent Thanksgiving, Sophomores will dress in Fourth of July clothes, Juniors will show their love by dressing for Valentine’s Day, and Seniors will embrace their inner Irish person by dressing in St. Patrick’s Day clothing. Faculty can also participate by dressing up in Christmas gear. Each administrator will be given a sheet to take notes on as they walk around the classes to judge which grade has the most spirit. The administrators will vote for one class each and their votes will add 50 points to each grade’s total score. At the pep assembly on Thursday, the grade with the most points for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday combined will be announced the winner.