Five Tips to Win the Spirit Meter

By Jake Chiarelli

The annual Spirit Meter has been a tradition at FHN Pep Assemblies for pepassembly copyyears, and is a great way to measure which class has the most spirit. We’ve made a list of some ways that you can help your class get the upper-hand at this year’s Pep Assembly.

1. Scream Your Hardest- A great way to help your class win is also the most obvious- scream as loud as you can! The spirit meter is purely decided by volume, so get loud!

2. Don’t Boo at Other Classes- There’s nothing wrong with a little class rivalry, but the Spirit Meter is noise sensitive, so the louder you boo at other classes during their turn, the more likely they are to win.

3. Show Some Pride- While it may not help you win the spirit meter, it does show class spirit when everyone in each class wears their colors and makes some noise. Remember to wear your class colors on Thursday. Freshman-Blue  Sophomores-Red, Juniors- Green, Seniors- Purple.

4.  Say No to the Chants- Almost every year, the junior and senior classes break into chanting fights, disrupting the Pep Assembly. The chants are typically short-lived but if timed right, could boost one class’s spirit meter. Save the chants for later, and focus on screaming.

5. Save Your Voice- Don’t risk losing your voice before the contest, or your team may lose. Take a deep breath before it’s your class’ turn, and belt out some glass-shattering yells.