Cuppy’s Corner: Zero, Baker, & Deathwish

Cuppys Corner: Zero, Baker, & Deathwish

as_skate_dee_feeble_576Dee Ostrander, Baker Skateboards newest amatuer, recently released a video part, to celebrate getting on the team. Dee got on the team because his brother sent footage of him to Andrew Reynolds, owner of Baker, and Reynolds saw lots of potential in him. Once his AM video was released, people knew he was going to be big.

The video starts out with clips that aren’t very serious, like wallies, technical stuff, and dropping in, while the beginning of the song plays. The song actually starts once Dee does a huge ollie over an 18 stair handrail, and thats when it gets exciting. Whether its a handrail, big gaps, or stairs, Dee knows how to throw down and get amazing tricks at each spot.

Around halfway through the video, a new, slower song starts playing, and the video gets a little slower paced. Dee starts doing even bigger things, and they get replayed a couple times each to show how amazing the tricks are. To finish off the video, Dee ollies this huge grass gap, that I bet no one ever even thought of skating. Overall it was a great video, and you should definitely check it out if you are a fan of Baker, or skateboarding in general.