DECA Districts Compeition

By Madison Roloff

(file photo)

On Wednesday, Feb. 5, DECA members will be competing at this year’s Districts competition at The Mills mall.

“I am really going on the trip because last year I made it to nationals and I really want to make it again this year,” DECA president Joe Henke said.

Students who go to the event are all required to take a 100 question test when they first arrive. This test covers basic knowledge of marketing knowledge and scenarios. After all students complete the test, they move into acting out different scenarios also known as role playing. Students are given the choice to present in a group or solo.

“I am in a group event this year and I like it just because it will be more fun with one of my really good friends,” senior Collin Toedtmann said.

Before the role playing starts, students are given a particular scenario and given a certain amount of time to prepare for the event. All presentations are judged by people with a background in business. Those who win awards will be eligible for state, which will be on March 16 in the Lake of the Ozarks.

“I am really excited for this trip because I have never really done anything like this before and my partner and I are really excited about competing together,” junior Risa Takenaka said.