March Thrasher Magazine Review

March Thrasher Magazine Review

Just by looking at the cover of this months edition of Thrasher Magazine, you can tell its going to be a good one. To start the issue, Torey Pudwill doesth0314cover_650_1 a huge nollie kickflip down a massive five block. This months magazine features stories on the company Neff, an interview with Alex Olson, a photo feature, and a free poster.

Neff, a clothing company, has been blowing up lately and has been getting a lot of publicity. With riders like Aaron Homoki, Moose, and Leo Romero, this team is no joke. They recently went on a trip called “Neffarious in the Northwest” in which they skated all around Portland, Oregon. They did everything from coming up with a new way to reward skaters, to coming up with plans to stall a store manager so they could skate a spot.

Alex Olson, rider for Nike SB, was interviewed this month covering topics like getting sponsored, filming for videos, and about his new company. Alex got sponsored by Supreme when he was 18 years old, and from there, the sponsors started adding up. He now has a total of four sponsors and is getting paid to skate.

The photo feature this month starts out with Steve Perdue doing a monstrous kickflip over a handrail, and then has photos of skaters Nick Merlino, Ryan Decenzo, and Dylan Rieder.

This issue has a free, double-sided poster of Alec Majerus doing a front feeble on one side, and a front blunt on the other.