Knights of the Round Table Ceremony

By Maddie Hiatt

File Photo (photo by kendrick gaussoin)

On Feb. 27, 104 FHN students were given the prestigious award of becoming Knights of the Round Table.

First, family and friends were welcomed and given a brief explanation by Knights of Excellence sponsor and English teacher Lindsey Scheller. Then senior Kelsey McIlroy and junior Jillian Strickland sang “For Good” from Wicked. Scheller then introduced each student as they walked across the stage, meeting their nominating teacher, all while receiving a medal.

“The best part of the night was receiving the medal and walking up and getting the picture,” senior Sofia Quintana said. Quintana was nominated by Marketing teacher Lori Moore.

Each faculty member was given the option to choose one student to receive this award. After the student is chosen, they receive a certificate saying that they had been chosen, although the student does not find out who they were nominated by until the night of the ceremony. Families of the students are invited to come to the ceremony.

Cindy Mayer, mother of senior Liz Mayer, was in the audience to support her daughter.

“My favorite part about her award was knowing that she’s finally getting recognized for all of the hard work she’s put in to four years at Francis Howell North,”  Mayer said.

Principal Andy Downs closed the ceremony by congratulating all of the students and thanking those who attended.