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The Student News Website of Francis Howell North High School.

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10 Questions About the KOE Picnic

KOE Picnic
A student prepares to joust at the KOE picnic. This was just one of the many activities available to do that afternoon. (file photo).

Each year, Knights of Excellence (KOE) puts on a picnic to reward students for their hard work throughout the year. Students generally spend the afternoon outside, jumping on inflatables or talking with friends. This free time serves as an incentive for students to keep their grades and attendance up throughout the year. KOE President Erin Weaver describes this year’s KOE picnic:

1. What role do you have in planning the KOE Picnic?

“I supervise what goes in, like the inflatables.”

2. Who organizes the KOE Picnic?


3. What is the KOE Picnic?

“I would explain it as a fun way to get out of class. It’s just a fun, I don’t know how to explain it. You jump on inflatables, you’re outside for part of the day, you get food.”

4. How do students qualify to be invited to the KOE Picnic?

“It’s a reward them if they have a good GPA, good attendance, [or] if they were a Knights of the Round Table nominee.”

5. When is the KOE Picnic?

“We have not set a date yet.”

6. Around what time will the KOE Picnic take place?

“Probably mid-May.”

7. When will you start planning for it?

“Most likely after Spring Break. We will start planning right after Spring Break.”

8. What would be new this year?

“We just look at what inflatables are available. It all depends.”

9. How can students prepare for the picnic?

“I would say to keep their grades up. I would say to keep your grades and attendance up.”

10. Anything else students need to know?

“There will be a shirt that they can buy, I believe for $10.”

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