Around the Halls: Ceramics Two Class

By Tristan Chenoweth

Today the ceramics two class was working on their 4th quarter Disney themed projects. The project has to be hollow is some way and be made to resemble  a Disney character or object.

“It  gives me a creative outlet to express my emotions,” Grace Agne said.

In the ceramics classroom the student are allowed to let there mind run free. The only restriction was their project had to be based on a Disney or animated film.With that in mind there are almost endless possibilities.

“I like the freedom we get on the projects we have to make,” Austin Knott said.

The Ceramics II class makes four projects a year and they all have a specific subject or goal to accomplish. Since this is their final project of the year most students will be moving on to other forms of art. The Ceramics II class will have a whole new batch of incoming artist seeking to expand their artistic talents.