A Night at Gatsby’s: Prom 2014

By kendrakelch

file photo (photo by matt krieg)

The parties in “The Great Gatsby” are portrayed as lavish and full of revelry, and FHN’s 2014 “Party at Gatsby’s” Prom-goers anticipate an equally memorable night. This year’s Prom will take place on May 17 from 6:30-11:00 p.m., starting with dinner, and ending with dancing and a photo booth at the St. Charles Convention Center.

“Everyone should go because it’s a memory– something you’ll never forget,” faculty Prom sponsor Marissa Cohen said.

Students attending Prom this year should expect Gatsby-themed decorations and centerpieces in an attempt to create the luxurious 1920’s atmosphere in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book, but a mix of Gatsby-esque music and modern music will be played, upon students’ request.

“I hope I get to dance to Beyonce,” senior Matt Schneider said.

Some restrictions will be placed on explicit music, as well as attire, style of dance, and who is allowed to attend. Juniors, seniors, and their dates, (who must be under 21), are invited to attend with the 7 B’s in place for their formal attire. The 45 degree rule from Snowcoming will also be in place, which states that no one can bend farther than 45 degrees when dancing.

“PDA might be a problem,” senior Darrian Wolosyk said. “But the rules will keep people from pushing limits.”

Tickets were available up until May 2, for $70. Students chose between a chicken, steak, or ravioli course for dinner before the dance.

“I am most excited for the great food,” junior Miles Thies said.

While many students are excited about prom, others wonder why this year’s prom is so late compared to the 2013 prom that took place on the third weekend of April.

“That would’ve been Easter weekend,” Junior Delegate Emma Cleveland said. “We thought it would be best to set it at the next available date.”

Next year’s Prom was going to be set for the third weekend in April, but there was already a conflicting event. The next available date, May 2, was chosen for Prom 2015.