Eric Mooy’s Skating Website

By admin

multimedia piece by Dylan Morrison

Eric Mooy is a sixteen year old Sophomore at Francis Howell North High School. Eric has always had a passion for skating. When Eric was 15 he decided to create a website named “E-Decks”, where he could sell other skate company’s products and keep a profit of the sale.

“Well, pretty much companies send me their decks and I sell them online and I keep a profit of the sale”, said Mooy.

There are numerous brands that could possibly be involved with the website anywhere from 10-15 companies/brands. Mooy’s website has about 10.

“I reached out to companies like Lakai, Element, DGK, Blind, Plan B and a couple others but those were the ones I wanted most”, said Mooy.

Mooy works on his website everyday making sure that it looks the best it can to draw more companies/brands. But Mooy also gets money from the website.

“I get a pretty good amount of money from it but I prefer getting clothes rather than the money”, said Mooy.

There are so many jobs in this world and it’s important to pick something that will make you happy the rest of your life and also that you’re good at. Mooy ‘s just happens to be skating.

“I just really enjoy skating and I knew it’s what I wanted to do with my life so I figured making a website would be a good start”, Mooy said.

The website was originally going to stay a secret but word has gotten round the past few weeks.

“I just didn’t want the website to go down, then me look stupid that’s pretty much it, and my parents and a couple of friends knew about it”, said Mooy.

Mooy is hopeful that his website will lead to bigger and better things in the skating world.