Jordan Peak’s 2006 Mustang

By admin

Jordan Peak, a junior at FHN,  was given a car by his mother. Most teenagers, like Peak, get hand-me-down cars but for Peak, it’s different. He didn’t get an ordinary not so great first car. Instead, he drives a 2006 Mustang.

“It is a [beautiful] car. I especially love the convertible aspect because I like the feeling of the wind on my face,” Peak said.

The car is a red Mustang convertible with its original leather interior. It has racing pedals and easy grip wheel intended to ensure a comfortable drive.

“The leather seats are great and easy to clean but in the summer they can get pretty hot and uncomfortable but in the not-so -hot times of the year they are much better,” Peak said.

Although the car is eight years old, it has been kept in good condition. Peak has not upgraded the car at all. Peak does however maintain the car by changing the oil or worn down parts.

“If I were to upgrade anything it’d probably be the engine, but that is a hard and expensive process and the car is great as it is,” Peak said.