Fall Play Auditions: 2014

Fall Play Auditions: 2014

By Chase Meyer

In preparation for the annual fall play, auditions were held yesterday, Sept. 11, directly after school. Callbacks were today, Sept. 12, right after school.

“I was very impressed,” said Kim Sulzner, Director of Theatre Arts. “I remember the question, ‘what did I do wrong?’ Nobody did anything wrong; the worst audition was really good.”

Students will know if they’ve made the cast on Monday, Sept. 15. A list will be posted outside of the drama room. Sulzner will also make sure that the list is posted on the Drama Club’s Twitter handle, @FHNTheatre2014.

“Auditions are a very stressful, yet exciting time,” said sophomore Alyssa Stinson. “I always have a lot going through my head.”

Out of the 39 people that were signed up to audition, only 36 of them showed up. Those that did show were judged on a numeric system by a panel of seven judges. Of all the callbacks, the lowest score was an 85; a score that Sulzner said was phenomenal.

While the first rehearsal is on Monday, the play will be performed on Nov. 20, 21 and 22 at 7 p.m. at FHN. The production is Bad Seed, a very creepy mystery, according to Sulzner.

“The most exciting thing has to be just the experience and being able to perform for my peers,” Stinson said.