Senior Josh Dulaney and His Family Reenact Wars

By Sarai Esparza

Every family has their own traditions that they do over the years. Some have annual vacations while others take camping trips, but unlike most families, senior Josh Dulaney’s family reenacts wars. It all started back when Josh’s parents werewebpdf13 dating. Reenacting wars was something his mother used to do with her family while growing up and later, his father found an interest in it as well.

“I like that it’s a family activity and all my kids like it, and that my father can do it with them too,” Josh’s mother Lisa Dulaney said.

During the events the family does many different things. The re-enactors try to keep the battles as accurate as possible; they even shoot at each other with time-appropriate weapons, though they use blanks instead of bullets in order to ensure that no one gets hurt. The re-enactors also stand around and answer questions that the spectators may have, often describing what life was like at the time period of the war. The men are the ones that do the actual battling. The women stay on the campgrounds and take care of the children. Some give tours of their tents and, like the men, answer questions. The most recent war the family has reenacted is the Seven Year War, also known as the French and Indian War. They have traveled all over the country and even to Canada for many different events.

“Whenever people ask me where I’ve been on the weekends I just tell them I’m out teaching history,” Josh’s sister, Meagan Dulaney said.

Staying true to the time period, the campers only cook one meal a day, and for the rest of the day the men get bread rations. The younger men, like Josh, have duties including marching in formation and performing drills.

“I’ve always been drawn to history so I like it a lot,” Josh said. “ I’d really love to see people down and show some interest.”

As for the Dulaney family, they expect to continue with their tradition for many years to come.

“Everything about it is just so different,” Meagan said. “It’s just great all over. I have friends there, my family is there, and you get away from technology for a while.”