Enjoy Your Stay: Austin, TX

By Chase Meyer

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Hannibal was just a quick stop close to home. This time, we’re traveling outside of Missouri borders. Get ready for a little bit of what some consider to be “concentrated America.” That’s right; Texas is the next stop here. Austin, to be specific.

The first-time visitor may be surprised when they first disembark their plane. The terminal is filled with live bands to give the warmest southern welcome the “live music capital of the world” has to offer.

After that late morning flight from St. Louis, most travelers are at least a little hungry. Why not quench that appetite with a little bit of Stubb’s BBQ? Stop on by 801 Red River, near downtown Austin. As ground zero for some musicians, including Johnny Cash, Stubb’s began to boom in the 1970’s. The lunch menu includes an array of meats, sandwiches and a la carte sides.

If the downtown atmosphere isn’t what you’re looking for, that’s okay. Head on down to The Oasis on Lake Travis. Seating 2,800 guests, this restaurant is one of the largest in the world. Although the experience is great all day long, most would recommend visiting around sunset. Guests can pick from a wide array of food choices, including Mexican, seafood, or just a plain ol’ sandwich. While you’re enjoying your meal, be sure to look out on the beautiful Lake Travis filled with boaters–that is, as long as the lake actually has water in it.

Of course, when you’re in Austin–the state capitol, mind you– it’s almost a waste of your time if you don’t visit the capitol building. With 22-acres of beautifully landscaped lawns, historical monuments, and stunning buildings, a visit to the capitol in downtown offers a glimpse into the state’s history and politics. Although the present-day building wasn’t the original one, it still has a great deal to offer. The visitors center has a lot of information to offer, but be sure to visit the actual capitol building. You can either participate in a free, 45-minute tour, our do a self-guided one.

For those that have young children that need some kind of entertainment, the Austin Zoo might just be the place for you. With over 300 animals, belonging to over 100 different species, there’s bound to be something for everyone to see. Starting out as a goat ranch, the zoo has turned into a tourist attraction that visitor can spend quality time with their families in.

Assuming that you’re staying overnight, you have multiple choices as to where you can stay. If the city atmosphere is what helps you sleep best, choose the Hilton on Fourth Street. Some of us, including myself, would opt for the Lakeway Resort and Spa on Lake Travis. With the commanding views of the lake, this excellent resort captures the elegance of Texas Hill Country.

Whether you’re just visiting for the day, staying for a week or just a night, there’s plenty to fill your plate in Austin. No matter what you end up doing, Enjoy Your Stay.

Daily Update: Wednesday, Oct. 1, 2014

So far, this blog seems to be taking off. I want to make sure that you know where I’m headed next, that way you know when to tune in. I will be posting my big, featured blogs each Tuesday and Thursday. These are the articles where I choose a city and write about it’s attractions.

Coming up for the next two weeks, the following cities are set to go up. On Thursday, Oct. 2, Omaha, NE will be featured. Oct. 7, Jackson Hole, WY will be up. Oct. 9, Washington D.C. Oct. 14, Des Moines, IA.