A Trip to Tucano’s

By Chase Meyer

Pulling into the fairly new Streets of Saint Charles development, the first place I notice is Tucanos. Opened last year, this Brazilian restaurant won’t fail to impress the first-time visitor nor the regular customer.

Upon walking in, I’m greeted not only by friendly hostesses, but an atmosphere perfect for relaxing and spending time with those who came with me. As I’m shown the way to my table, servers zip past me carrying freshly cooked meat, grilled fruit and seafood.

I saw my waitress only a couple of times. She brought me a Coca-Cola and a small pitcher to refill it. The meat service is quite clever; using a small cylinder called the “Tucanos Cue”, painted green on one side and red on the other, this signals the servers to come with their platters full of deliciously prepared courses.

I take my plate, head up to the Salad Festival, a buffet full of soups, different types of rolls and sweets–and, of course, salad. Filling my plate with Brazilian cheese bread, mashed potatoes and a cup of beef stroganoff, I head back to my table.

Turning my cue over, a meat server arrives within seconds with cooked prime rib. Another comes over with grilled pineapple. Next? He has teriyaki beef. 

Even for the high price, I suggest paying Tucanos a visit. It was well worth my time, and I will continue to go back.