Chemistry Classes Celebrate Mole Day

By Nick Wyer

Molery Poppins the winning mole day project (photo by sammie savala)

On Oct 23, chemistry students at FHN celebrated “Mole Day.” Mole day is an annual event celebrated in the chemistry department. Students sped through the hallways tied together by the arms in order to solve a scavenger hunt that used math problems involving the numerical “mole” unit.

“Mole Day is a fun activity,” chemistry teacher Chris Witthaus said. “It’s a good break from the norm, especially since Chemistry is a somewhat difficult class.”

A mole is one of the fundamental units in chemistry. It’s based on Avogadro’s number, 6.22×10^23, which represents the number of moles in an atom. The idea of Mole Day stems from the 10 to the 23 power, which is why the day is celebrated on Oct 23. A mole is used to figure out problems that utilize significant figures.

“Frantically running around the school was probably the best part of Mole Day,” senior Marty Aubuchon said. The searching for clues while tied together was the fun part.”

Along with the scavenger hunt students created plush moles centered around different themes to represent different things from pop culture. Moles ranging from “A Mole in One” and “Molery Poppins” were made. The purpose of the mole making was for students to earn a bit of extra credit while having

“I made ‘Molesters Inc,’” junior Abby Rapplean said. “It was hard. Reading the directions and trying to figure out how I should sew the mole was difficult, but it was definitely worthwhile. It turned out good, so I was happy with it.”



On Oct. 23 the FHN honors chemistry students celebrated mole day. The mole is a unit of measurement used in chemistry. Students had the option to make moles for extra credit. The moles were judged and the top moles from each class period were entered into the Grand Mole contest. Here are the results for each class:

2nd Hr-

1st: Ashton Stegman

2nd: Michael Doerge
3rd: Andrew Stoker, Devon Benton, Blake Coonrod, Lavanya Kolluru
3rd Hr-
1st: Isabelle Mattenson, Claire Boenitz, Kasey Wagner
2nd: Abby Temper, Lydia Harms, Madison Clifton, Michael Sommer
3rd: Samantha Teason, Caleb Black, Daniel Mulawa
6th Hr-
1st:Zoe Lawson, Erika Paar, Zoe Willott, Anna-Marie Wells
2nd: Zachary Cary, Abby Rapplean, Julia Crets, Priscilla Joel

(photos by sammie savala)