Girls Basketball Sells Apparel

By Chase Meyer

The Girls Basketball Team will be selling apparel through Nov. 10. The fundraiser is an attempt to raise funds for the team, covering uniforms and travel costs.FHN Girls Basketball Apparel

“We didn’t have a head coach for a really long time,” said Girls Basketball Coach Daniel Lamb. “That really set us back on fundraising and getting things for the team.”

Offered apparel ranges from snapback caps and beanies to polo shirts and hoodies. All shirts and hoodies range from $18 to $31.

“We’re hoping that it’s price friendly,” said Lamb. “We don’t want to price someone out of something they want to support.”

The merchandise is not geared toward one sport alone. Most pieces of apparel feature a graphic promoting the Knights as a whole, not just the basketball team.

To place an order for the merchandise, students can go to room 107.