Women Win No Matter What

By Mia Elliott

Women have proven that success is their middle name. For so long, women have been a shadow to men’s shine. Women have stood up, spoken and have carried the flag of success in their hands. There is no doubt in my mind that women will ever be considered below or not equal to a man. Now, we have created a path for men to follow behind us and watch us shine on stage, in an operating room and at home.

Beyonce, as of June 30, 2014, topped Forbes Top 100 Celebrity list with $115 million that she earned over the past year, beating her husband Jay Z who placed sixth with $60 million. Now if you don’t call that taking the lead, then I don’t know what to call it. Being on the Forbes list is like the Grammys for money in the celebrity world. Beyonce is creating a partition separating women from men, waking up flawless, and showing Jay Z along with all of the other men, that girls run the world.

Who else runs the world? Doctors. According to Wall Street Journal, women are one third of the nation’s lawyers and doctors, which is  a major shift from a generation ago. One third of the nation’s lawyers and doctors. Sounds like with all of these educated women, a lot of men must be very well taken care of.

Stereotypes often make women sound “soft” considering that they stay at home, raise the kids and take care of their husbands when they’re sick. Being a stay-at-home mom and taking care of her family is a job alone. The greatest success of a stay-at-home mom is knowing that her family is well taken care of and has everything they need.

Women have grown over the years in many different fields of life. Some don’t even make money, but the feeling of success, or accomplishment of being a great wife or mother is more than enough to be just as and even more successful than men.