Prom Fashion Show 2015

By Cristina Lanzara

The boys in the Prom Fashion Sbow (photo by madi graves)

Last night, Feb. 8, was the annual Prom Fashion Show, organized by the Junior class delegates and sponsor Marissa Cohen. The show took place at 7 p.m. in the
auditorium and featured dresses from David’s Bridal, Camille La Vie and tuxes from Savvi Formalwear. 7 senior girls, 20 junior girls, and 10 boys modeled the store’s dresses and suits.

“I would recommend it to juniors and seniors next year because it’s a fun experience that you get to show off dresses that you wear to prom and you get to be pretty for that night” junior Taylor Kreutz said.

The show started with emcees Stone Birkner and Zoe Seemes who showed off their clothes while introducing the other fashion show participants. The ladies were all escorted by one of the gentlemen and took a brief walk across the stage so that everyone in the audience could see their dress.

“I like the dresses,” said junior class secretary Madi Oostendorp. “I feel like I’m reliving my little toddler and tiara days.”

After all the participants and dresses were introduced there was a brief “talent show”. The talents ranged from singing and dancing along to “push it” by Salt-N-Pepa, to playing a piano tune and senior Cody Kennedy even ate a whole chicken wing in one bite.

“In my opinion, the talent show entertainment was the best part, it was really funny” Kreutz said.

When the talent show was concluded, the emcees, along with Cohen, announced the winners of the raffle prizes. Prizes varied and included gift cards to places like QuikTrip, nail salons and various restaurants, also tickets to the Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra, Silver Dollar City and even one ticket to this year’s prom.

“I think it was fun, some kids described it as being a little bit stressful because they were nervous but I think overall it was a good experience,” Cohen said. “Hopefully the audience had a couple good laughs and was entertained for an hour and a half”.

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(photos by madi graves and yasmeen belakhoua)