Two FHN Sophomores Packing Their Bags This Summer for MSA

By Lucas Tabaka

photo submitted

Sophomores this year will be going to The University of Missouri (MU) to pursue an even greater knowledge about certain academic material. The program that is held at MU is called Missouri Scholars Academy. Students from FHN who are going include Audrey Baker and Jacob Lintner. These students will be going on June 7 all the way to June 27.

“After they sent me the letter I guess because of my classes I had to take an IQ test,” said Lintner. “I had to pass that to qualify for the next round where I had to get teacher recommendations.”

The Missouri Scholars Academy also known as MSA is a learning experience for gifted students who are sophomores becoming juniors in high school. The academy aspires to achieve excellence in the students that attend for the short time. A well chosen faculty teaches these students about the liberal arts as well as extracurricular activities.

“I am excited to learn about subjects that actually interest me alongside other students who share a passion for learning,” said Baker. “I am also excited to meet new people who share common interests, and to hopefully make new friends.”

The academy includes four core classes to choose from which are math, science, social studies, and humanities. Students get to choose only one of these classes which they will mainly focus on during their three weeks there. A student is expected to attend three hours of that class everyday for six days a week. He/she also spends one hour, Monday through Friday working on a different academia. Some extracurricular activities include art workshops, debate, photography, chorus, microcomputer, journalism, and theater.

“One of the students I talked to who went in the past said there was a Japanese course when he went, and I would be interested in taking that if it’s still there,” said Baker.

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