10 Questions With Martin Groves

By Jessica Biondo

1) What is your name and what grade are you in?Martin

Martin Groves, 10

2) Where are you going over spring break? 

Hong Kong

3) How long are you going be there? 

10 days

4) How are you travelling there?

Flying on Cathay Pacific

5) Have you been there before?

Yeah, I was born and raised there.

6) What is the reason for going there, do you have relatives there, or is it just for a vacation?

Friends and family, and part two of our relocation. We’re finishing our move since it was kind of rushed when we came here.

7) What plans do you have for while you are there?

I’ll be attending my old school for two days. I’ll be attached to my old class and follow them around.

8) What are you most excited about?

I’m excited to go back to school again. There’s this big exhibition thing on Monday after school which all of my former class mates will be attending and that’s a good chance to see everyone again.

9) Why would you recommend someone else vacation there?

Honestly, I wouldn’t. If I had to give a reason it’s very different to St. Louis.

10) Anything you’d like to add?

Nothing I can think of!