3-26 Varsity Girls Soccer Vs. St. Charles [Photo Gallery]

By Abby Temper

On Thursday, March 6, the Francis Howell North Knights Varsity Lady Knights soccer team battled the St. Charles Pirates. The Lady Knights won against the Pirates

“I think it wasn’t our best game, personally I think we could have played a lot better. Olwig was even talking to us after the game and he said it goes to show that a really good team can still not play your best, and still come out with a win against a team. So it was good that we got the goal that we did, and we were able to win, but we definitely could have played better. We kind of played down to their level,” said Senior goalie Alexis Tainter

The final score was 1-0. The Lady Knights defeated the Pirates. The goal was scored in the second half. The next home game is April 7. The Varsity Lady Knights Soccer team will be versing Timberland. The game will start at 6:00.

“I think more of it is just talking more on the field and advancing more to goal because that is one thing we are not very good at. Usually it takes us about ten minutes to get started in a game and get accustomed to everything, and if we can come out ready to play as soon as the clock starts in the first half then we’d be a lot better and it wouldn’t waste as much time.  ” said Tainter

(photos by abby temper)

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